What's with the logo?

It's "r" "b" like the extension of my favorite language. I've heard people call it "P" "L" for programming languages, and I'm ok with that. To me it represents my software development, clean, and simple.

What's with nixpulvis?

A while back I had a crisis, I had more then a few usernames, and no system for managing them. I wanted a singular identity, is that too much to ask. As it turns out, this can be a daunting task, as most names are taken. A lot of people use their name, but my last name is rather long. So I invented a name, "nixpulvis". In latin it means "Snowdust", or powder. It's a extension of my computer naming scheme "snowcloud" for my server, and "snowbase" for my desktop, and it has the benefit of being pretty unique. So it's available, and it's mine. And if any of you fuckers take it. I'll find you.